Crystal Reiki Healing Session with Mojee

 services during the session:

  • Scan your Aura and Chakras
  • Cleanse the Aura with Crystals
  • Cleanse the Chakras with Crystals
  • Energize with Reiki Energy and Crystals
  • Sound Healing with crystal singing bowls


Here are some of the benefits of Crystal Reiki Healing:

The combination of Crystals and Reiki will accelerate the healing process while receiving Reiki Energy along with the healing properties of crystals.

 Key benefits include:

  • Cleaning of aura and chakras
  • Balancing of chakras
  • Removing energy blocks
  • Providing life force energy
  • Crystals will be programmed with positive intentions to heal
  • Crystal bowl therapy helps to balance the chakra system and re-energize the auric field

 The Session:

Start with 5 to 10-minute discussion to understand the healee’s expectations and area where they need help. After that I will scan the aura and chakras, cleanse the aura and chakras using crystal in a standing position. The Healee will then lay down on massage table with eyes closed and the magic will start by lay down crystals (corresponding to each chakra) on each chakra and provide Reiki Energy.

Once the session is completed, the crystals are removed,  then I will finish the session by smoothing and sealing the aura with reiki and tuning with crystal bowl. 75min, $250