Mojee born and raised in Persia. She currently lives between Washington DC and Miami. 200hrs Trained in Power Vinyasa, 100hrs Yin Yoga and certefied Reiki Master. Mojee now teaches locally as well as hosting luxury yoga retreats around the world. 

MojeeYatra Malas are handcrafted Malas created by Mojee.

Mojee is an accomplished jewelry designer for more than a decade.  She began designing Malas in 2013 after completing her Yoga Teacher certification and her Spiritual awakening. Her creations are the perfect mixture of what’s stunning to the eye and uplifting to the spirit.  Now, extensive lists of celebrities wear her Malas, including Model Gisele Bundchen and Dr. Deepak Chopra.

Mojee handpicks the highest quality materials of semi-precious, precious stones, gold, silver & creates them with great love and conscious intention. Each of MojeeYatra Malas are unique, as each Mala is infused with healing and powerful mantras chanted & absorbed by stones and personally blessed by a Monk to help bring peace to your spiritual path. MojeeYatra Malas represent spirituality, gracefulness, and elegance.  

Wear your Mala as a statement to your spiritual lighthouse and may it helps you to connect to your highest self and to protect you on your journey. 

Mojee: “There is something magical, personal and spiritual that happens to me when I practice my yoga – I get the same feeling when I make Malas. My muse speaks and my heart answers in return – this is my cycle of creation…”